“Bringing Sustainable Improvement in Quality Of Life of the Underprivileged.”

“DOPASI Foundation is committed to bring sustainable improvements in quality of life of the underprivileged communities through effective implementation of integrated solutions.”

DOPASI Foundation is the front of DOPASI Affiliates for community engagement and social investments. It was formed to harness the financial and managerial resources that DOPASI Group commands to create a lasting and sustainable social impact in communities at risk. At DOPASI Foundation, our employees have access to an environment which enables them to reach out to communities and devise strategies on social issues. DOPASI Foundation has partnered with government agencies, national & international Partners, Industry players and non-profit entities that possess the will and expertise within the fields and the vision to enhance the scale of
DOPASI’s efforts. By building infrastructure, promoting health and education, encouraging   conservation and providing livelihood for the communities; DOPASI Foundation is helping the  entire community to flourish, sustain and build themselves into better communities.

 Focused Communities

  • Children
  • Women
  • Poor households
  • Person with dis-abilities
  • Prisoners
  • Internally Displaced People
  • Migrants
  • People living with communicable diseases such as TB, Malaria, HIV/AIDS etc