Agriculture And Food Security

Agriculture sector is a dominant driving force for the growth and development of our country’s economy and this sector is a major source of livelihood for almost half or the population. DOPASI thus aims to build capacity of the farmers and others involves with the agriculture field by providing training and raising awareness on areas like the use of quality seeds, controlling insects, pests and diseases, coping with the problem related with water scarcity and other general areas related to increasing productivity levels of cops and reducing wastage.

Curbing food wastage at every level so that extra food could be transferred to other people in need and providing poeple with relevant information on how to reduce food losses, including post-harvest losses so that sustainable consumption and production can be ensured sustainable development and promotion of that is in use style harmony with nature.
Main activities are done in this areas are as follows:

  • Farmer’s Capacity Building
  • Farmer’s Field School Seasonal Long (FFS)