Disaster Management & Infrastructure

Infrastructure can be a vector of change in addressing some of the most systematicĀ development challenges of today’s world. Social stability, rapid urbanization, climate change adaptation, mitigation and natural disasters. Without an infrastructure that supports green and inclusive growth Pakistan will not only find it harder to meet unmet basic needs, they will struggle to improve competitiveness. Infrastructure, comprising transport, water, energy and information and communications technology. Provision of affordable and safe housing facilities provided in villages, suburbs, cities and up-gradation of slums into planned settlements which would give them access to basic facilities. Developing a network of affordable transportation system in the rural area of Pakistan which will include the refurbishment of the public transit facilities so that children, women and people with disabilities can travel safely and comfortably.

To get enable cultivation of a new energy culture focusing on achieving sustainable development through conservation and efficient use of energy resources and steer Pakistan towards an energy efficient and environmental friendly tomorrow where everyone has access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. To work on achieving resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related hazards and mental calamities aggressively by educating people about this environmental problem and how people can contribute in combating this problem. Through awareness campaigns informing people on how to deal with the effects of climate change and especially ensuring that they are able to help themselves in the time of climate related disasters such as floods until the authorities arrive, so that casualties could be minimized as much as possible and to promote mechanisms for building capacity undertaken in this sector are as follows:

  • Earthquake Emergency Relief
  • Flood Emergency Relief
  • Livelihood Enhancement Program for Flood Affectives
  • Rehabilitation of the Flood Affected & Displaced Population